I decided to move blogs because the reality of it is that while we are doing an Ind*a adoption we are also fostering and I would like to be able to blog about our life experiences that we are facing with both journeys. It just felt wrong to only blog about our adoption and only a big about the blessing that we have the honor of taking care of for right now. I will work on jazzing things up around here in my spare time.

This past Friday we were finishing up dinner and about to head out for a night family fishing trip when the phone rang. It was our agency asking if we would take an emergency placement for an 8 year old until they could find a home for her to be reunited with her twin three year old brothers. Not realizing what was happening we said yes. I say not realizing because we have gotten COUNTLESS calls since baby bug was placed with us and we never felt the Lord calling us to say yes, and this time it was clear it was HIM.

Bill took our three kids and left because we agreed that this sweet girl was going to be scared and it would be better if she was not bombarded with a billion questions. They ended up at the park and then hit Target to buy her some clothes, under garments, socks, and a welcome gift. We knew since this was an emergency placement she would come with little or nothing.  He said the kids had a great time picking things out for her but asked a million and one questions to him.

Baby bug and I stayed behind and prayed for our family and this sweet girl and cried out to God that He would give us the words and grace to show her.

When I saw the caseworker pull in baby bug and I went out to met a beautiful scared little brown eyed girl. She was nervous and it was clear.

2 1/2 hours later the caseworker and our agency worker left and I had a few moments alone with her where she talked some and admitted she was terrified. She had no idea why she was here, what was going on or that she would not be going back to where she came from or her school.

My heart broke.

Our crew arrived and it was precious to watch them melt together!

At 10:30 we were finally ready for bed and she asked me to stay with her until she fell asleep and I so wanted to lay in the hall outside her room all night but she told me she was ok.

Saturday, all the girls and I packed up and headed out to get her clothes (she came with two and a can of ravioli and fruit).  We were also grateful to see Target still had uniforms since she will need them for school! An amazing friend  Susan, gave me a list of school supplies she would HAVE to have so we grabbed those too. We ate at chick fil a for her first time and she loved it!

A costco run was needed and our friends Sue and Dar met us there to meet our brown eyed blessing shower her with hugs and praise and made her feel welcome. To top it off they got all the girls matching jammie bottoms as a sweet surprise.

A sweet family we know told us before we got baby bug that she wanted to bring us a meal the day after we got a placement everytime so we could work on settling in and not worry about dinner. Both times it has been a beyond huge blessing for me! She claims she is a cruddy cook, but we don’t believe her anymore!

Our brown eyed blessing was baffled that our friends would want to meet her and do nice things for her. We just keep telling her that our “family” may not look like others but our “family” loves any and everyone who comes to our house and each of them wanted her to know she was unique and special. It is a concept that she doesn’t get, but I pray over time even after she leaves here she will get!

I kept telling her life was not always like this at our house, but I don’t think she believes me!

Tomorrow morning I have to get all five of the kiddos dressed and ready so we can go enroll her at our local elementary school at 7:00 am, then it is off to meet baby bugs mom for her first visit with him since she was born.

Today H told us she is not looking forward to tomorrow. We have told her if people ask why she is just now starting to tell them “I just moved here”  and it is no ones business why she moved here or where she came from. Our hearts are heavy for her because you can see the fear in her eyes.  We met some of the neighbor children and I am praying that she sees at least one of them tomorrow and that the Lord would give her great new friends.